Make more sense at work.

Debrief is your 5-min/day retro with yourself. Capture your true feelings and explore
personalised advice right in Slack.

Helping high performers from

Capture your true feelings at work.

Rate your daily experiences – meetings, tasks, teamwork – right in Slack, to capture how you feel about them.

Easily express
and resolve concerns.

Talk to AI-coach to navigate in uncertain situations. Share your chat summary to discuss concerns with your team. You can change more than you think!

Follow advice to grow skills you need.

Get personalised growth plan and train skills you need to be happy and productive – from emotional regulation to leadership and time management.

Support your remote team
with Debrief

Connect with your remoters

Remote communication is purposeful – it is hard to notice the struggles your people face.
Debrief makes it easy for your people to come to you and discuss their inquiries and concerns.

Go beyond satisfaction surveys.

Satisfaction and engagement surveys only scratch the surface. Get anonymised real-time data about types of struggles across your company.

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