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Debrief is a self-care Slack app that helps you reflect on your feelings at work, identify issues before they spiral and have a thoughtful discussion that doesn’t fit into other channels.

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"Debrief makes it easy for everyone in our team
to reflect and discuss their experiences"

"I have quite a bunch of tools that help me work. But @Debrief helps me think about HOW I do it – and how can I do better. That is a game changing routine:)"

Sergey, CTO

"Work rhythm in tech is intense, with constant change and multitasking. Quick reflections in Slack work wonders for me, serving both as an analytical tool to my work life and a safe place to vent and relax."

Maria, ex-Alibaba, ex-Yandex.Money

"I have tried a number of reflection tools. Debrief has the best return on effort ratio. Localising your pain points and getting to the tasks with a clear head is invaluable."

Lucy, entrepreneur

Break the stress-inducing cycle

Why do we accumulate stress and project it on others?First, we have no place to dump immediate emotions and thoughts. It is too easy to engage in them. Then, it's hard to reframe on your own. The process is too self-referential and right questions aren’t asked.When we didn’t find a right tool for ourselves, we started building our own. The one that could become a part of your day.Follow upping you after calendar events. Giving context-specific prompts and relevant exercises. Accessed from Slack, Discord or Teams. With your reflections easily shared and exported. Add to this self-discovery features powered by AI – and 100% privacy. And this would be a better way to think about work.


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